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I've noticed an interesting little trend with the way people reply to threads in relation to their chosen account auras. Whether they are aware of this, I am unsure.

Here is what I've noticed.

People with a light aura tend to be the less cynical, sarcastic, and harsh users and are generally more laid back when they comment.
When greeted with an insult or snide remark from another user, they tend to withdraw, but not after leaving a final comment such as "Chill lol, this is just NG, no need to get a cactus up your bum".
When commenting on a pathetic, pointless thread (probably like this one), they will try and put it lightly that the person isn't really being too smart by having posted it. Example: Thread named "HAI GUYZ AI HAD SUPPER 4 BREKFUST TUDAY!! HARJHAR!". The light aura user will generally respond with something along the lines of, "That's kinda funny lol, but I don't think this thread will survive long xD."

Dark users are generally serious commenters, who try to include a comedic aspect to the way they post. I've noticed that they seem to provide more common sense, or at least a taste of reality when it comes to leaving replies to anything in particular.
When greeted with an insult or snide remark from another user, they usually reply with a blunt but demeaning response.
Random guy: "hey dark aura you're a dickhead, you pussy. suck my weiner, noob"
Dark aura: "I don't really give a shit what you think. You're probably some asshole kid who listens to Green Day and Motley Crue. Go wipe your ass on sandpaper, retard,"
When commenting on a dumb, pointless thread, they will do one of two things: They will either humour the original poster by replying with a smart-ass remark that brings a chuckle to a few faces, or they will reply with a picture of a crowd of applauding people that says "CONGRATULATIONS. THIS THREAD FAILS."

Nothing interesting here. Neutral users are all over the place. Although, I tend to notice a lot of newbies and half-wit-numb-nuts users keep the neutral aura.

More often than not, an evil aura has something comedic or sarcastic to reply with. When greeted with a rude or offending comment, they will often reply with something like, "OH NO! GUYS HE CALLED ME A SHITBRICK! /wrist. i'm gonna go jump in the toilet now ;_; rofl. fail."
When commenting on a pointless thread, they often like to keep the thread going with equally pointless comments and replies, until a dark aura user comes in and replies with a picture of a crowd of applauding people that says "CONGRATULATIONS. THIS THREAD FAILS."
The evil aura user will reply with a picture of a toilet that says "so i herd u lyk party pooping".

Fab users consist of three people:
#1. Girls
#2. Gay guys
#3. Total douchebags.
More often than not, it's just #3.
You can tell. When replying to an insult or rude comment (in fact, any comment at all), #1 and #2 will respond with a looooooong winded reply.
#3 will reply (with perfect grammar, mind you) with a comment making fun of the offender's intelligence or lack thereof, whilst not really denying or brushing off the initial insult.

When replying to a thread that is pointless, a fab user will say "A mod's gonna lock this soon. Buh bye."


Okay, so these are just the trends that I've noticed and in no way represent what you, as a user with any of these auras, may believe, think, reply, eat, or anything like that..

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